PLOTTER, model DOT 180 (Spain)

Technical characteristics


Printable width: 1800 mm

Max speed: 1,6 m2/0,5 min


  • Power consumption 70W
  • Possibility to plot on very thin paper, starting from 20g/m2
  • Noise level only <40 dB (very silent, for comparison noise level of other plotters being <70 dB)
  • Automatic paper tension
  • C ompatibility with any CAD
  • File formats accepted HPGL / HPGL2 / ISO / AAMA-ASTM / DXF
  • Especially solid frame
  • Ergonomic and user friendly
  • Made of only 500 parts (for comparison other plotters consist of 2000 parts and more)


DOT180 plotter