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TkT Brainpower cartridges are characterized in plotting brightness, long life and very good price.


Technical characteristics


C350 Cut fabrics from single ply and compressed layer up to 3,5 cm thickness
C600 Cut fabrics from single ply and compressed layer up to 6 cm thickness
C800 Cut fabrics from single ply and compressed layer up to 8 cm thickness
C1100 Cutting machine designed for soft material, cut up to 11 cm thickness compressed layer
C600 HP (High Performance)
C600 DENIM Cutting machine designed for heavy material like Denim
C350 LG Cutting Machine designed for Lingerie
Electric requirements: Three phases + Neutral 400V 50Hz +/- 10%
Compressed air: Consumption 150l/m 6BAR
Working temperature: from +10°C to +45°C
Humidity: from 30% to 80%
Rumorosity: < 75dbA
Accelerations: 0,5 g
Cutting speed (maximum): 60 m/min



HD: Hot Drill with adjustable temperature
COVED: Mechanic cover device of cutting area to increase hold down pressure
of the pieces
COLDE: Knife cooling system with frozen air
LIQUD: Operative liquid silicone spray to lubricate the knife
T.MOV: lateral motorized travel kit movement
EDIT CUT©: Software to modify the ISO marker



Cutting beam robot with electronic movement incorporated,
Oscillating knife with Flexo device,
Multifunctions “TOUCH SCREEN” on board machine user friendly,
Operative control with computer
ALL CUT© : Software display of markers and shapes to be cut, cutting simulation,
continuous display of production data and machine performance, data reports
Wireless connection with the LAN of the customer
Open interface to receive cut data in standard ISO and DXF
Optimisation of cut fi les, cut path and common lines
Modifi cation of notches depth: line, internal V, external V
Visualisation of the cut markers
Preview of the working sequences and cutting simulation
Cutting simulation of a single shape for error prevention
Programming of the inner or outer selvedge cut
Choice of the cutting start point
Union and cutting of multiple markers
Management of the end cut marker
Automatic adjustment of cut marker angle
Interactive visualisation of the operative parameters
Auto-diagnosis system to identify and advice eventual errors
Keeping and resetting of cut data in case of power blackout
Cutting conveyor and unloading conveyor pieces with reverse movement
Unloading conveyor with combined and separate movement
CLED: Automatic cleaning system of the cutting conveyor
Priority automatic programming of cutting small pieces


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